The Korean Methodist Men will host the WesleyMen in July for a conference on world hunger and induct new leadership of WesleyMen Asia and Korean Peninsula. In July, the World Methodist Council (WMC) will meet in Seoul, South Korea to conduct its normal business meeting which happens between the larger World Methodist Conferences every five years. The hunger conference will run adjacent or concurrent to the World Methodist Council meetings.

In 2016, at the last World Methodist Conference, members of the Korean Methodist Men leadership met with WesleyMen leadership and continued the work began in 2006 and 2011 to grow in fellowship between the men’s organizations of the member churches of the WMC. In 2011, the Korean Methodist Men played an enormous role in facilitating a meal packaging event with WesleyMen global partner Rise Against Hunger at the World Methodist Conference in Durbin, South Africa. Due to leadership across the global Methodist connection, a resolution was passed in South Africa asking Methodists around the world to Fast, Pray, and Give to end world hunger.

“The leadership in the Korean Methodist Men continue to give power to the idea that an end to hunger is within our grasp if we deeply involve God in our efforts,” affirms WesleyMen president Rev. Steve Hickle, “They know there is suffering in our human family and believe that as a community of faith we have powerful spiritual and material resources to make change.”

The Korean family has been separated by the 38th parallel for over sixty years. There is evidence that chronic malnourishment exists in North Korea yet peace on the peninsula is always a possibility in the hands of God. The gift of food can bridge the divide, and if lasting peace is to exist the world must be prepared to meet the needs of our neighbors who hunger.

“The story starts with our churches,” say WesleyMen Vice President for Americas, Larry Malone, “but it moves into the near future with great power as the important necessary contacts in the political, religious and business communities come into a cooperative effort that enables a sustainable nutrition provisioning system to be deployed wherever chronic hunger exists.”

The conference takes place in mid-July. Schedule and final details on the WesleyMen hunger conference are expected in April. If you or a member of your church has interested in participating in WesleyMen’s global movement to end hunger you can participate today at or contact via email using the contact form at

FastPrayGive is a global grassroots movement to end hunger. Through this primary mission of WesleyMen, the entire world can engage hunger by weekly fasting one meal, praying for hungry people, and giving the cost of that meal – so that others might eat. Through practicing Wesleyan “means of grace” (such as fasting, prayer, generosity) we share God’s grace and restore hope to those in need. Together we can deeply involve God in our individual efforts to end the suffering of our neighbors.

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