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Giving Tuesday has become something that any aid organization or non-profit cannot ignore. WesleyMen can’t ignore it. Giving Tuesday is quickly becoming the single largest giving day of the year. If you don’t take advantage you are basically throwing away opportunities to engage new people.What we lament is that giving has become the afterthought of a super-busy weekend of self-focus and not the start of a weekend of self-denial. If you’re reading this from outside the United States you may not know what I’m talking about.  The day after the US holiday “Thanksgiving” is the day in which most retail stores sell enough goods to break even. They call breaking even “going into the black” because losses are often reported in red text or red ink and positive results in black ink. Thanksgiving is always the fourth Thursday in November, and the big shopping day following is “Black Friday.” Which is followed by a weekend of sales and the single biggest online shopping day of the year called “Cyber Monday.” Thereby leaving whatever feeble funds you might have left over to be given to charities on “Giving Tuesday.” Feels backward, right?

I wish Giving Tuesday didn’t exist. Not to eliminate the day in which people think about others and give, but I wish people would give all year around. The way we dispose of our possessions reflects our spiritual commitment. Getting “deals” at the department stores, the online stores, and anywhere else before giving to those in need speaks pretty loudly of our commitment to worldly possessions over people. God calls us to love him and to love our neighbors. I wish I didn’t have to chase after people for donations on the same day as everyone else, but if it’s the best time to do it at least I’m going to ask for those who hear the call to end hunger to give all year in a sustainable manner.

Through the WesleyMen program we ask that you give not only through funds but also through your time. We invite you to fast one meal per week, pray for world hunger to end during that fast and give what you would have spent on the meal to end world hunger. We can feed someone in the developing world, through our global partner, for about two dollars per week. We’ve made it easy: sign up at and make a monthly $8 donation (or $96 yearly) and join us as we will send fasting and prayer information every week.

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