Each four years, United Methodist Men gather to be challenged, empowered and inspired. That is why WesleyMen will also be there. July 7-8, WesleyMen will be part of the “ministry fair” that is being designed to give men the tools to do the work of the gospel.

913 National Gathering

Men gather at the 1913 National Gathering

United Methodist Men will be exploring discipleship as if it were a “contact sport.” In the United States, people will be familiar with football and wrestling as such sports, and men will be “wrestling with some troublesome issues.” WesleyMen recognize that world hunger is a most troublesome issue! As with the Olympic Games, there is much training required, along with leadership and a common goal. Teams come together as one – and so shall we. We will join our hearts together with these United Methodist Men as we learn more about practicing discipleship, not in isolation, but by making “contact” with others.


You can look for us, Steve Hickle and Tyler Peterson (WesleyMen president and secretary, respectively) at our display area in the ministry fair. Prepare to learn how FastPrayGive uses the Wesleyan practices of fasting, prayer, and generosity to grow as disciples and answer the gospel call to share food with hungry people.

It will all take place at St Luke’s United Methodist Church, Indianapolis, Indiana. To learn more, see http://www.gcumm.org/12th-national-gathering/.

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