Partner Organization surpasses 100 Million meals

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Rise Against Hunger, the primary meal packaging partner of Wesleymen in the fight against hunger, has reached an impressive milestone. We normally love giving you all the scoop on this kind of event where 300,000 healthy, nutritious meals are being packed to help bring an end to hunger. We love it, even more, when big milestones like 100 Million meals packaged by United Methodists. The United Methodists aren’t the only ones involved in this fight. Lots of our Wesleyan brothers and sisters are packaging meals or fighting hunger in various ways. However, on Saturday, August 11th, 2018 we’ll give kudos to the UMC and their commitment to ending hunger in our lifetime. Click on the image below for the full article from the United Methodist News service for all the facts and details.

Facts on the milestone reached. Click image for more details.

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