Ending World Hunger

March 28th, 2016 | wesley12

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More than 792.5 Million people worldwide do not have enough to eat. They don’t know where their next meal is coming from or can’t find food but must sacrifice and education in order to eat. WesleyMen is building a global movement to end world hunger.

Learn more about FastPrayGive.org

WesleyMen is creating a Grassroots global movement to end world hunger.



This is an invitation for people of compassion, like you, to Fast one meal per week, Pray during that mealtime for world hunger, and Give what you would have spent on that meal to feed others. We hope you recognize that when you do this there is no economic cost at all- because it’s a meal you didn’t eat.

We ask that you give $8 per month (or roughly $2 per week)

Let’s break this all down to a quarter. $0.25 is the cost to provide the basic nutrition for one human each day. So if you multiply that out seven times you get about a dollar and seventy-five cents per week or around eight dollars per month. This represents a sustained commitment to feeding one other person.

Learn more about how it all works in less than 2 minutes in this animated video:


Find Out More at FastPrayGive.org


Our Methodist families are already fighting hunger in their communities

In 2014, we launched an effort to celebrate the efforts of World Methodist Council member churches working to end hunger in their communities. One of the best ways we could think to do that was via a series of informative new stories called “the Movement”. We’ve been able to gather information and share about the efforts of some, but we know there are many in action. If your group is working to end hunger, no matter how small, please go to our Contact page and use the email form to let us know whom to contact so we can share your story as well!

Read About The Movement

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