With leadership from the Korean Methodist Men, fourteen officers were selected and more than seventy charter members of WesleyMen Korea were nominated and installed during the World Methodist Council meetings at Kwanglim Methodist Church on July 13, 2018. Each was honored with certificates and lapel pins identifying them as “WesleyMen.” As members of the global Methodist men’s affiliate, these men will be leaders in the global Methodist movement to end hunger.

WesleyMen Korea Installation

Rev. Hickle, Dr. Park, and Dr. Yoo during the ceremony

Dr. Jay Seung Yoo, serving as Vice President of WesleyMen for Asia and the Korea Peninsula was celebrated during morning worship on July 14th. It has been through the extensive efforts of Dr. Yoo and his General Secretary, Dr. James Choi, that WesleyMen Korea has officially begun. Dr. Choi will also serve as communications officer for WesleyMen Korea.

Following the inauguration of Dr. Yoo’s leadership, he shared, “Praise the Lord and believe we can do everything through him who gives us the power to end hunger on this earth!” The worship service included a sermon by WesleyMen World President Rev. Steve Hickle who preached from the gospel of John including Christ’s feeding of the multitude. Both of these installation opportunities for leaders took place during the meetings of World Methodist Council. The WesleyMen board and members are deeply grateful to the staff and leadership of the council for their support and willingness to share worship and meeting time to the Men’s Affiliate initiatives. Also, there is a deep gratitude for Kwanglim Church and its members who served as gracious hosts.

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