WesleyMen Seeks Regional Leaders

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WesleyMen was largely created under the radar of most of the Methodist churches around the world. However, we’ve been working quietly behind the scenes on some of our primary objectives for quite some time now.

As early as 2006, over ten years ago, our primary focus on ending world hunger was taking shape as incoming World President Larry Malone shared at length in Seoul, South Korea at the World Methodist Conference. As it turns out Ray Buchanan, the founder of what was to be a large international aid organization just happened to be there as well. Today, WesleyMen and Rise Against Hunger are partners and continue to drive toward a common goal of ending hunger by 2030.

We must deeply involve God in this task, that is why WesleyMen has launched or program FastPrayGive.org to build a movement amongst Wesleyan leadership worldwide. If you would like to know more or would like to be a part of this movement we have need of leadership in a few very specific areas.

First, we need a link to every member church of the World Methodist Council. If you serve in Men’s ministry we’d love to talk to you about how we can be in connection. The offer is open to both clergy and lay leader. If you feel the call to bind together the world in this task fill out the Leadership Connect form on our website.

Second, we need leadership to work at deploying FastPrayGive in regions other than the United States. We’re currently developing a roll-out model and our early draft is published on our downloads page. It is titled, “FastPrayGive Regional Deployment.”

If you have questions about any of the proposed ideas or topics feel free to email info@wesleymen.org

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