World Hunger Action Month

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September is World Hunger Action Month…in case you forgot. The month long “event” of emphasis was started in 2008 by a USA domestic food aid organization. Their wish was a month-long push to raise awareness

that hunger exists all around, even in the wealthiest countries in the world, and it affects children as well as adults.The idea of someone ‘celebrating’ a month of efforts to end hunger is admirable. Some think it’s exciting…sadly most see it as a blip on their radar.

There are many ways to be involved and just about every major organization that deals with humanitarian aid jumps on the bandwagon to provide useful steps to remind encourage everyone to make a concerted effort to deal with the crisis. Mostly they encourage you to donate money. Teamwork (even though it might be teamwork via competition for the same dollars) is a good thing. Is there a better way?

I will tell you that they picked a bad month for the United States as we’re often distracted with natural disasters like hurricanes in the USA about this time of year. Not to mention there are American Professional and College football games to contend with. All this on top of the normal six-dozen other news stories about crime, politics, and human interest. These things provide a major distraction from organizations who want only a few minutes a year in the limelight to make an impact in the lives of thousands if not millions of people.

How do we focus amid all the noise? Our suggestion as a faith-based organization is not to make it about one day, or one week, or one month. Fighting the systemic causes of hunger must be an ongoing battle and it must be fought at the largest level you can fight. Individuals must make a choice to try and help as many neighbors as they can. If that is one person or even a fraction of a person your ability must be in-tune with the expectation set by God. No worries, as God has sent the Holy Spirit to guide us and shepherd us in our decision making. We should tap into prayer and ask for guidance.

In each of the four gospels, there is a telling of the feeding of the multitude. In three of the gospels, Jesus says, “You give them something to eat.”  Why shouldn’t we? You can join us in this effort to put prayer, fasting, and giving at the center of a global movement to end world hunger at

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